• New Mercedes-Benz Vans

    What do you look for when you’re buying a new van for your business? Rear load space and maximum payload? Affordability? Fuel economy? Driveability? Reliability? You probably want it all.

    Of course you do – you want a new Mercedes-Benz van for your business that’ll see you through thousands of journeys, spacious and strong enough for the tools of your trade or goods for your customers. You don’t want to pay through the nose – now, or when you fill your tank. And since you’ll spend more time than you’d like stuck in traffic, you want it comfortable too.

    Which is why buying a Mercedes-Benz new van is the smart move, the sensible move. The move that tells your customers – even as you pull up outside – that yours is a business with a long-term strategy.

    No wonder so many businesses – from national names to sole traders whose livelihoods depend on that one, trusty vehicle – choose Mercedes-Benz new vans from Sparshatts of Kent. We’re a family-owned business with a 40+ year history. We know the value of a sound decision – which is why we chose Mercedez-Benz when we opened our depot doors for the first time last century. The most reliable, fuel-efficient and versatile vans in the country, coupled with our traditional family values of loyalty, dedication and commitment.

    Look at it this way: how much does it cost you when you buy a van that breaks down? How much does it cost you when you sell your van on after years of faithful service? How much does it cost you if the tank needs filling more frequently?

    With new Mercedes-Benz vans, you get superior fuel consumption, so your fill-up takes you further. High residual values and flexible financing – it all adds up to more savings across the years and miles you put on your van. Low maintenance and repair costs – for the rare occasions you need something doing. And with two of our four Mercedes-Benz service depots in Kent open non-stop from Monday at 6am to Saturday at 1pm, a regular service or one-off repair won’t interfere with your business.

    And all that before you even see the impressive specs and life-saving safety features.

    From panel van to crew van, tradesmen’s transport to couriers’ lifeblood, there’s a Mercedes-Benz new van that’ll outperform every rival – and configurable to your needs.

    We offer deals finance deals on our Mercedes Benz Vito, Citan and Sprinter.

    • Citan

      The Mercedes-Benz Citan is a compact van with a surprisingly large load compartment. No wonder it’s the delivery van of choice for the urban environment. Manoeuvrable, agile and famously fuel-efficient, it’s effortless to drive and economical to own.

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    • Vito

      You’re on the verge of boosting your business with a truly remarkable vehicle. The Mercedes-Benz Vito van is fuel-efficient (of course it is: up to 47.1mpg), drives like a car (would you expect anything less from Mercedes-Benz?), carries a massive, weighty payload (up to 1305kg, which is 120kg more than the previous Vito) and is comfortable enough for entire days spent on the road (the seat ergonomics are also even better than before) – but where it comes into its own is in protecting you, your crew and your cargo.

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    • Sprinter

      Everybody knows the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter – it’s the go-to large van for trades, deliveries, services and all sorts of uses where maximum space and performance are essential. The new Sprinter does everything you’d expect – but more of it and even better. More advanced, safer, even more versatile and economical to run and own. Plus there’s an all-wheel drive option for companies who need to head onto rougher terrain more often.

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