• The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

    The new Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van does everything you’d expect – but more of it and even better.

    Everybody knows the Sprinter – it’s the go-to large van for trades, deliveries, services and all sorts of uses where maximum space and performance are essential.

    More advanced, safer, even more versatile and economical to run and own. Plus there’s an all-wheel drive Sprinter option for companies who need to head onto rougher terrain more often.

    First things first. With a big van, you want big space. With the new Sprinter, the designers set out to create maximum load potential with maximum usability. That resulted in four body lengths to choose from, and three different roof heights. You can fit as many as seven Europallets in the back of the largest van, open the rear doors to 270 degrees, and have a sliding door on both flanks if you like (you’re guaranteed one side sliding as standard).

    With the new Sprinter, there’s the space and sheer strength to carry a payload of up to 2695 kg. With all that weight, you’ll appreciate the full-width partition to protect the crew in the cab, load-securing rings, and the option to add lashing rails in a number of locations. So that’s the big cargo safely stowed.

    The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is available on a range of finance deals.

  • The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van from Sparshatts of Kent
  • What’s your priority – cargo space or crew numbers?

    The Sprinter Dualiner carries up to six people, so if crew trumps cargo for priority, you’re taken care of. Your rear-seat passengers get large windows, easy accessibility and room to stretch out a little in high-quality seating. There’s still an impressive amount of cargo space to fill, as you’d hope.

    Even with a full load – of people and materials – your business will benefit from a more environmentally and bank-balance friendly range of engines. This is one of the most sustainable new vans of its size and class. BlueEFFICIENCY brings together a collection of innovative technologies and techniques to bring down emissions and fuel consumption. With certain models, you can even choose BlueEFFICIENCY Plus, to get to every destination – near or far – with less fuel used and lower emissions.

    You’ll get there more safely in the Sprinter too. Mercedes-Benz leads the pack in vehicle safety, and even the Sprinter’s standard safety spec is impressive. It’s the first new van to include Crosswind Assist as standard – protecting high-sided vehicles against dangerous sidelong gusts of wind. Its pioneering ADAPTIVE ESP is a handling control system that takes account of the load status to make the brakes work perfectly for your cargo (including removing rainwater from brake discs and priming brakes for action). Then it’s up to you whether you add in Collision Prevention Assist, Blind Spot Assist, Highbeam Assist and Lane Keeping Assist… Our team knows the ins and outs and the difference each feature makes to the safety of your cargo and crew, so don’t be shy about asking.

    But no matter how good a new van is, it’s little use when it’s out of action. Mercedes-Benz reliability is just the reassurance a busy business needs. If something does go wrong, you’ll have MobiloVan 24-hour mobility assistance to rely on – plus the knowledge that Sparshatts of Kent has two depots running 24 hours a day, Monday to Saturday. So even when it’s time for servicing, you can get the work done while you’re asleep, not when you could be earning.

    We’ve only skimmed the surface. Download the new Sprinter brochure today and contact our team for a test drive and in-depth advice on which Sprinter configuration will deliver most for your business.

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